Natural products

בלוג בית המרקחת החומרים הטבעיים שלנו טיפים בבריאות טבעית

Nor Apoteca Natura Pharmacists we have chosen to specialize in natural health.

We listen to you and guide you in your path of self-medication for the maintenance, support and optimization of the physiological balance of the organism with self-analysis services , prevention in pharmacies, information , tests and specific advice .

Apoteca Natura pharmacies, thanks to the medical-scientific collaboration with SIMG (Italian Society of General Medicine), offer you the possibility to directly examine in the pharmacy important aspects of your health, in order to identify any risk factors to be reported to the doctor and maps of wellness customized as a basis for advice on lifestyles and the use of natural products useful for your health.

Get to know all the healthy and natural alternatives for achieving the physiological homeostasis of your body.

Among the many solutions you can find:

– Purifying herbal teas with organ specificity

– Help for memory

– Many slimming remedies

– Products to help intestinal regularity and evacuative difficulty

– Products for the disinfection of the urinary tract

– Products for cellulite blemishes

– Stimulators of immune defenses

– Remedies for Menopause and Osteoporosis

– Remedies to clear the airway or disinfect the oral cavity

– Antitussives (also for children)

– Relaxing herbal teas for relaxation and night-time rest

– Feeding time

– Organic Fitoigiene for nails and hair

– Royal jelly

– Aids for the microcirculation of the legs, for the sight, for the memory

– Antioxidants and detoxifiers

The advice of the pharmacist

Phytotherapy for anxiety control

Anxiety is among the most common diseases in today's world. Do not ignore it: living constantly under stress shortens life! It causes imbalances in the lipid profile, overweight, hypertension, panic and cancer.

The therapy herb is very effective and specific thanks to a wide variety of ingredients contained in lemon balm, passionflower, escolzia, valerian, melanin and magnesium.

Life is more beautiful if taken with serenity and a good rest.

Come and ask us for an opinion on specific phytotherapies to fight the state of anxiety: you will always find a very specific and competent advice.

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