What is natural pharmacy?

בלוג בית המרקחת החומרים הטבעיים שלנו טיפים בבריאות טבעית

Driven by a strong motivation from 2012 we began to specialize our pharmacy in the area of ​​natural remedies and complementary care.

We believe that combining classic allopathic remedies with remedies that come directly from nature make a decisive contribution to preventing, as well as curing, the main illnesses and diseases of this new era.

For this reason you will always find staff trained and trained on the topics of complementary care (homeopathy, ayurveda, herbal medicine, herbal medicine, nutrition) able to advise people not only for the treatment but also and above all to achieve and maintain a state of well-being psychophysical eliminating small problems to the origins.

The principles behind our Natural Pharmacy:

> We believe in the principles of nature, we are apothecaries! 
> We believe in listening as the first healing tool. 
> In care, the body can not be separated from the mind. 
> The laboratory galenic and all the knowledge that revolve around the active ingredients of plants and their properties, are the heart of our pharmacy 
> Knowing your body is the first step towards proper nutrition and a lasting state of health

Homeopathy – Homeopathy highlights the patient and not the disease and aims to treat not the pathology itself but the "soil" on which the disease is acting. Homeopathy takes care of the human dimension of the disease. For this reason, operators who have a homeopathic approach to the disease spend a lot of time with the patient, investigating the psychological and character aspects and establishing a dialogue with the patient.

Ayurveda – Ayurveda is a word composed of ayur (duration of life or longevity) and see (revealed knowledge). It is a medical system that includes both prevention and treatment and allows two approaches that, if applied rigorously, would allow us to live longer, improve our health and respect our body. According to this approach, all diseases affect both the body and the mind and that these two aspects must never be treated separately. Ayurveda has a global approach to the disease that includes psychology, genetics, sexuality, nutrition and relationships and proposes a model of health linked to the "lifestyle".

Phytotherapy – Phytotherapy, from the Greek phytón (plant) and therapéia (cure) involves the use of plants or plant extracts for the treatment of diseases and for the maintenance of psychophysical wellbeing. Finished medicinal products are considered to be phytomedicines which contain only the active ingredients of plants or plant associations in their raw state, in the form of preparations. In most cases phytomedicine is a plant origin whose effect depends on the nature and concentration of the pharmacologically active chemical constituents

Erboristeria – The herbal medicine is among the oldest arts that deals with the knowledge of plants (herbs, medicinal plants, medicinal, aromatic and spices), their cultivation, collection, storage and trade for therapeutic purposes (herbal medicine, traditional galenic), cosmetics or nutrients. From the power of plants it is possible to obtain powerful food supplements, health products, cosmetics, herbal products and phytotherapics, drugs.

Nutrition – Nutrition is the set of biological processes that enable the survival, growth, development and integrity of a living organism. Nutrition in this sense is only part of nutrition and corresponds to the action of providing the body with nutrients. Our goal is to inform, advise, demonstrate how a natural nutrition and conforms to the physical state of each of us is the most appropriate tool for a healthy and happy life. Our knowledge in terms of nutrients, daily needs, food pyramids, etc. they are enriched by the contributions deriving from macrobiotics and Ayurveda

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